Confirmation Codes

We recommend that MYOB users confirm their datafiles every quarter.  That way, they are never at risk of their file going read-only.  We will email you every three months in mid- December, March, June and September to give you instructions on how to confirm your file.

We can only perform this service for MYOB users who have proved that they have a licence.

If you need an extra confirmation code at short notice we will do our best to provide it for you.  But this may take a few days.  The first step is for you to add your company file code to your profile and then email us.

There are usually better upgrade paths than continuing to rely with this patch.  Therefore we generally do not recommend that you continue with confirmation codes.  Day-to-day use of your datafile is likely to underpin your business operations or is critical to calculate its tax liabilities.  If this is so we recommend that you convert to something else, particularly Accountedge asap. 

For more information see How to Reconfirm (you will need to login).

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