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    Mark Hill (Administrator)

    This Topic is for discussion of how to upgrade your Mac MYOB / Accountedge Software

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    Mark Hill (Administrator)
    I am rewriting this article because the options have changed radically.  There are now no Acclivity/Priority Accountedge licences available as an outright purchase, nor upgrades or extensions to more computers.  Upgrades have become subscription only.  

    For those wanting to transfer to this software the route has become more complex. 

    MYOB Usergroup members should seriously consider an upgrade if you are expecting to continue with this software. This is particularly important where your MYOB datafile is critical to the running of your business. 

    There are significant problems relying on a 32 Bit software that will not be rewritten.  This means that the software will always have a restriction – it isn’t very fast when you use it on a multiuser basis.  Another problem is that we haven’t yet got a solution that will automatically download transactions from your bank.  Text imports from your bank are fine with most of these options.  But there is no option that will do this automatically.  You will also find it difficult to get this system to link to other financial softwares, as there is no API as such.  Finally you can be compliant with the HMRC’s VAT Making Tax Digital for VAT requirements… but the software will not electronically post a vat return direct to the HMRC.  You would need a VAT filer to do that.

    However if you can live with these restrictions, and many of our largest clients do, then we want to recommend Upgrades for all our Accountedge customers for both PC and Mac. 

    Mac Users


    A  Convert to a PC.  Your datafile at this stage can be used on either platform.  As before there is only really one version available.  The Canadian Acclivity/Priority PC software is explained here:



    B If your Mac OS is 10.13 High Sierra or 10.14 Mojave or lower you can continue with your existing version of MYOB.  But this is becoming ever more difficult as other Apple products require the higher level operating system.  It will only work if your use of the software is not mission critical to your operation and you do not use it for VAT.  Your use of MYOB might be conditional on membership of the MYOB Usergroup – but this group is getting small now and we are acutely conscious how flakey the code calculation process is.  So this is a poor solution if the datafile is critical to your business.  If your use is likely to end shortly anyway, perhaps you continue with this option until the MYOB Usergroup ceases operations. 



    If your Mac OS is 10.15 Catalina or higher then you will need a new version that will install and operate on its 64 Bit Operating System.  The options are much more complex.  The reason is that the Mac OS has become 64 Bit and Apple compels all software writers to be convert to 64 Bit.  The authors of MYOB do not have a sufficiently large userbase now to fund the costly rewrite of the software that would be required to make the software consistent with this new standard.  Therefore, with the support of Apple, they have collaborated with a firm called Codeweavers who provide a thin emulator called ‘Wine project’ which puts a Windows emulator inside the Mac OS. 



    C  One choice for a supplier is Acclivity/Priority.   If you are UK Mac single user currently on MYOB and cost is your primary concern (say because you are a not-for-profit) then you could conceivably convert to the Acclivity Canadian version and upgrade it to the Canadian 64 Bit OS solution.  Firstly you have to pay for a conversion to Canadian Acclivity.  You can pay the $20pm licence for this software through a subscription version with the snappy name of ‘Accountedge Pro for Mac OS 10.15 and higher)’.  This method also allows interchange between Mac and PC machines.


    Simple Accounting Ltd will pay for those of our clients that want this version… and arrange the conversion for free.  

    D  If you are on a UK Mac single user currently on MYOB, it is probably best that you upgrade to the 2024 UK version.  This is an upgrade that can be handled without our support.  However this will require you to pay a permanent subscription of some £300pa plus VAT.  You can find out more from:  


    Simple Accounting Ltd will pay for those of our clients that want this version.

    If you are using Multiuser UK Mac currently on MYOB then you definitely need a version that is local to the UK.  For Mac networks we recommend the Ledger One AE2024 product.  As before this means a commitment to a significant monthly rental.  https://www.simpleaccounting.co.uk/software/accountedge.php

    The UK Mac Network edition (ie multi user) installation is a bit tricky – so look at this installation video:


    Our review is at https://www.simpleaccounting.co.uk/software/acclivity.php

    F  You might already be on the LedgerOne version of the software.  Upgrading is simply a matter of downloading the software from your account and installing.  If you have delayed upgrading to macOS Catalina, Big Sur, or Monterey on an existing computer then:

    LedgerOne recommend that you upgrade to AccountEdge Pro on your current macOS before you upgrade your macOS to a later version.

        If you are currently using AccountEdge under Parallels:

    LedgerOne recommend that you install AccountEdge Pro on your main computer (not within the Parallels machine).

    After AccountEdge Pro is installed, move your company file(s) from the Parallels machine to the main computer.

        If you wish to transfer/install AccountEdge Pro on a new computer:

    LedgerOne recommend that you install AccountEdge Pro on the new computer first, then move your company file(s) from the old computer to the new computer.


    Software changes since MYOB was discontinued

    There may be some functionality lost as a result of conversion from MYOB.  The Mac only LedgerOne UK licences prevent you interchanging use of the same datafile on a PC and on a Mac.  Also the Business Insights function is specific to the older Mac versions. However you will gain Zapier integration and all of the other new functionalities of the new version.  Use the link below for the other features you have missed. 


    Foreign use of the UK datafiles in other countries is not uncommon.  The functionality in the UK datafiles can be adapted to other tax regimes such as Ireland.  Our advice for UK is the same for those using the system abroad.


    The future of the MYOB Usergroup will change again this summer. But we expect to focus on support rather than code calculation in future. We expect to impose a heavy fee increase on those MYOB users still using us for code calculation. 

    Alternatively if you are an MYOB Usergroup member wanting advice only, then your fee provides you with that reassurance.  The fee for advice only will not rise.

    Please consider your reliance on the MYOB Usergroup for code calculation for MYOB software.  This is reckless for any datafile that is business-critical. 

    There are doubtless many questions.  Call us.


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  • 21 Jun 2023 4:41 PM
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    Deleted user

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for chatting with me, but this is not working with Ledger/Account Edge. There is something wrong. When I open it up in the software it tells me that last back up was 2900 days ago which is not right as the back up was only last week. Can you please advise?… I’m happy to send you my backup file which is dated 12-6-23.

    Would someone with the software be able to extract the statements from my account? I'm at a loss

    1 file
  • 06 Jul 2023 12:40 AM
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    Mark Hill (Administrator)


    We've been away and not noticed this.

    Please call us so that we can work out what has happened here

    Mark Hill

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