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  • 09 May 2023 1:35 AM
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    Mark Hill (Administrator)

    Advice on how to upgrade your PC software

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    Mark Hill (Administrator)

    This is a call for Account Edge 2023 upgrades. 

    There are relatively few options for MYOB users now and one of them is about to be shut off.  This is the last year that Acclivity/Priority Accountedge will be available as an outright purchase.  In future this upgrade will become subscription only.   There is a huge advantage if you take this opportunity - no service charge payments would be required and no further confirmation codes would be needed. 


    For business – critical databases we recommend that you end your reliance on code calculation.  So please use this next few months to convert.  This optional will only be straightforward until 1st September.

    The problem is that the publishers of the software will only offer an upgrade purchase this final year.  From later this year onwards you have to operate under a subscription.  So those readers who are MYOB Usergroup members and have been holding on, must now seriously consider an upgrade if you are expecting to continue with this software.  You should not rely on the MYOB Usergroup for code calculation any longer. 

    There are significant problems relying on a 32 Bit software that will not be rewritten.  This means that the software will always have a restriction – it isn’t very fast when you use it on a multiuser basis.  Another problem is that we haven’t yet got a solution that will automatically download transactions from your bank.  Text imports from your bank are fine with most of these options.  But there is no option that will do this automatically.  You will also find it difficult to get this system to link to other financial softwares, as there is no API as such.  Finally you can be compliant with the HMRC’s VAT Making Tax Digital for VAT requirements… but the software will not electronically post a vat return direct to the HMRC.  You would need a VAT filer to do that.

    However if you can live with these restrictions, and many of our largest clients do, then we want to recommend Upgrades for all our Accountedge customers for both PC and Mac.  This is the last time we expect to be able to recommend that upgrade.  So now is the last year when Acclivity/Priority Accountedge will offer an outright licence purchase.  After this you will have to consider moving to a subscription product. 

    Video on latest functions:



    PC Users


    A  Stick with the MYOB version you are using (against our advice). 

    B  Convert to another product.  We recommend Clearbooks and Intuit Quickbooks.  We can of course help you with that. 

    C  There is no UK PC variant.  There is only the Canadian version that we recommend and that you can test from the Simple Accounting website https://www.simpleaccounting.co.uk/software/acclivity.php   Ask us to offer a conversion service with some training.


    Software changes since MYOB was discontinued

    There may be some functionality lost as a result of conversion from MYOB.  However you will gain Zapier integration and all of the other new functionalities of the new version.  Use the link below for the other features you have missed. 


    Foreign use of the UK PC MYOB datafiles in other countries is not uncommon.  The functionality in the UK datafiles can be adapted to other tax regimes such as Ireland.  Our advice for UK is the same for those using the system abroad. 

    Viewing the Priority weblinks through a IP masker

    The links to evaluate and buy the software cannot be directly viewed in the UK as the distributor only wants to distribute to Canada and USA.  To see these links you will need to use an IP masker, or an IP - free web browser such as Tor: torproject.org/download

    Accounting Software for Small Business | AccountEdge

    Download Free Trial →

    To Buy the software

    The upgrade if you already have an Acclivity/Priority serial number will cost $399 multiuser or £299 single user.  A fresh licence costs $699 with $249 for an additional user and $999 for an additional 5 users. 

    MYOB Usergroup

    The future of the MYOB Usergroup is uncertain at present. But we expect to focus on support rather than code calculation in future. We expect to impose a heavy fee increase on the few MYOB users still using us for code calculation. 

    Alternatively if you are an MYOB Usergroup member wanting advice only, or support in a crisis - then your fee provides you with that reassurance.  The fee for advice and support will not rise.

    Please consider your reliance on the MYOB Usergroup for code calculation for MYOB software.  This is reckless for any datafile that is business-critical.  And you will no longer have a clear upgrade route if you miss this appeal.  So please use it. 

    There are doubtless many questions.  Call us 01422 847500.


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  • 29 Jul 2023 12:01 PM
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    I have just upgardeed my software from MYOB Version 15 Accounting plus  to the Canadian vesion 2023 and Mark upgraded my user file.  All went very smoothly and all my items, customers and accounts are the same as my old version.  One purchase (Mark can give you the link ) and no more problems with codes and the same familiar software.  Anyone got any questions about moving onto this version please ask

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