How to Join: The key steps

There are six stages to joining.
  1. Apply online using the link below.
  2. Send payment - ideally by Standing Order.
  3. We will activate your Membership.
  4. You submit your licence evidence.
  5. We check the evidence and your receipt and accept you as a full member.
  6. We process your first confirmation codes to take you to the next group renewal date. 

Joining in detail

1.  The basic procedure is simple.  We need to verify that you have a legitimate licence that you have paid for before we can admit you.  On a PC go to setup/company information/licence.  On a Mac go to the word 'AccountEdge' or 'Accounting' in the top left-hand corner; click on the word 'Registration' underneath.  Alternatively on an older Mac version (16 or earlier) go to the word 'Setup' on the top row.  Then go to 'Company Information' and then look bottom lefthand corner; click on the word 'Licence' underneath.  Take a note of your serial number.  Then note the Company File Code which is visible beneath the serial no.  Note the version of MYOB you are using and the number of workstations licenced. 

Then follow the link above.  Log in to your secure Member Profile page.  Answer the questions as they arise - these questions allow us to gather the information necessary to issue you with membership and confirmation codes.  In particular please copy the two codes to the fields given in your profile for Serial No and Co File Code.  Add or alter the serial number in the field.  Enter the MYOB version and the number of users you are licenced for.

Please note that the series of confirmation codes fields that appear in your member profile.  You can leave these fields blank for now.  These codes are what allows continued use of each datafile.  You need to note the location of these fields so that you will know where to look for them when we issue you with new ones.  We will email you to let you know when they have been replaced so that you can log on to use them.

2.  For preference we would prefer that members pay by standing order.  The other options are bank transfer, cheque or Paypal.  At the payment option please therefore answer 'Manual'.  Our account details appear on the screen as you join. 
We are a not-for-profit body and cannot afford to accept payments by credit card!

3.  As soon as your application is submitted, we receive an email.  We will normally respond within two days.  During this time your application is frozen.  We then activate your membership on trial basis and send you an email to ask you for the next information we need.

4.  We will now need you to provide evidence that you are a legitimate licence holder if you have not already done so. 

OPTION A: Go to the registration page as before under 1.  Take a screen shot of the page. (On a Mac COMMAND SHIFT 4 saves a shot of the current window on your desktop/ PC Cntrl Printscreen saves and image file that you can then paste into MS Word).  Save this as a file.  Upload it to your member profile. 

OPTION B: Go to the registration page as before under 1.  Take a screen shot of the page.  Save it and attach it to an email to info@myobusergroup.co.uk. 

OPTION C: Go to the registration page as before under 1.  Take a screen shot of the page.  Print it and put it in the post.  Add some evidence of your address. 

OPTION D: Find an invoice or registration document from MYOB or Mamut.  We need something showing your registration details or serial number.  Print it and put it in the post.  Add some evidence of your address. 

5.  We check your payment has arrived and that your licence information is valid.  We email you again if there is anything we are missing


If there is any problem email the Administrator.  We can and will provide new confirmation codes at short notice if your system unexpectedly freezes. 

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