Linking Software

There are lots of software programs that can potentially link to the various MYOB, Mamut and Acclivity databases that are being used in the UK.  Some link for special functions, others will extend the functionality of the existing software.  Would any of these be useful to you?

Acclivity link to Zen Cart:

Udo Michels is a professional partner of this MYOB Usergroup.  He can provide this link for a fee.  You can find out more details of his link under our Directory of professional partners on the myobusergroup.co.uk website: Directory for supportive Professional Partners

    MYOB Links to various Webstores

    There are several options if you wish to integrate MYOB 13-18 datafiles with a webshop:

    1. MYOB link to Zen Cart: Udo Michels again should be able to help.  You can find out more details here: Directory for supportive Professional Partners
    1. Acclivity link to Enstore: this should work with a Windows Acclivity Canadian installation / or with Mamut AE (on Mac).  Doesn’t work with earlier versions of MYOB.
    1. This firm provide a series of datalinks between Mamut and various webshops.  We are hopeful that this can also be adapted for UK users of Acclivity Accountedge and older versions of MYOB.  http://www.holbi.co.uk/accounting-and-erp-software-integration/

    Report Writers

    Business Intelligence for MYOB by Interactive Reporting
    Business Intelligence for MYOB eliminates the need to rely on the reports embedded in Acclivity/MYOB, external report writers and spreadsheets. Are you tired of stitching your reports together in spreadsheets? With Business Intelligence for MYOB you can view all of your information securely in one intuitive web browser interface, online, anywhere, anytime.


    BI for MYOB uses the ODBC driver supplied by MYOB UK v16 or Acclivity to access the company file data on Windows. If using AccountEdge on Mac then the company file is often compatible with the Windows version and access is made through this bridge

    Budget Reporting

    Datawise BudgetLink software processes unusual reports, consolidation and adds five years of reports and cashflow forecasts.  Innovative AE desktop to come.  We suspect that this can be linked to Acclivity AE (for the PC).


    Budget Forecasting and advanced monthly Reporting

    BudgetLink software processes repetitive reporting tasks and finds innovative solutions to meet the most complex reporting challenges.  BudgetLink masters your reporting processes with precision and reproduces them perfectly every time, so you can confidently start analysis immediately without having to reconcile.

    With a portfolio of adaptable industry-standard reports, BudgetLink can support consolidated statements. These can include consolidated statutory cash flow statements for publicly listed companies, and departmental budget analysis reports.

    Accounting Add Ons …. Linked to Acclivity AE PC through ODBC.



    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Elements CRM by Ntractive

    This is a cloud based CRM application to managing the relationships with both current and potential customers – it links to Acclivity Accountedge.


    Marketcircle do a link software between Acclivity and Mamut Accountedge and Daylite (for the Mac).

    Jumsoft Relationship

    This is one of a number of CRMs that will link to Mac - based Accountedge products incl Mamut AE and AE through the interaction with Apple Address Book (to which later Mac versions of the software also synchronise). 


    Mobile / Off site uses

    I Phone and I Pad linking

    This is a mobile transaction exchange service for Accountedge based on Dropbox.  Helps organisations better decentralise sales, expenses, activity slips, cards and purchase creation.  Free. Available for both Acclivity (PC) and Mamut AE (Mac only).  First of these via:


    Second through the Mamut website.


    Other uses

    Hotel, Bed & Breakfast and Resort Management system

    A system is available to manage residential lettings.  It allows for unlimited number of rooms and rates. It stores detailed guest information and history to help you keep in contact with your guests and promote return visits to your property. It tracks groups and Agent commissions, with a Point-of-Sale module that can add charges to the guest room bill or handle walk-in sales.  Works on both Macintosh and Windows computers!  Links to Acclivity PC files.  Reservations 8.0.  http://www.compu-reservations.com/home.html

    Staff Files

    Easy to learn and easy to use, Staff Files gives managers and human resource professionals an efficient and affordable way to manage employee information. Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. http://www.abs-usa.com/solutions/human_resource_software/sf/default.aspx

    Timesheet and billing

    US system: Automates the process of collecting, authorising and recording timesheets into MYOB.  The solution works by:Employees/Contractors record times and charging off their work via a web based software: http://www.timesolv.com/timesolv_plus.html

    Advanced Stock Control

    ISA InventoryManager

    US / Canada Acclivity files supported. An Access-based inventory analysis and reporting tool.  http://www.inventorysystems.com.au/products/isa-inventorymanager.html

    Online Bank Statements

    You can convert an online csv bank statement into a form that can be directly imported into MYOB or Acclivity software:


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