Apple Store UK withdraws Mamut Accountedge from sale

28 Sep 2011 2:13 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
Yes, you've heard it right.  The Apple Store was selling a successor product for a one - off £190.  Unfortunately the product still had Digital Rights Management reconfirmations.  However the Apple Store was clear that the product would work without any further payments.

But now the Apple Store is now no longer selling Mamut Accountedge.  This now means that it is impossible to buy a successor product to MYOB on either Mac or PC without also agreeing to a compulsory rental disguised as a service contract.



  • 05 Oct 2011 11:29 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Comment in from a couple of readers. One says that we should be able to buy Mamut Accountedge from the Apple Shops by simply asking the staff at your nearest branch. Another reader has done precisely this and been told the item is not available.

    So it is still confusing. But perhaps Apple not being clear that they are selling the product is less of an issue than I thought. Perhaps it is not as deliberate as I feared.

    Whatever the cause it does mean that large numbers of existing users that have not made alternative plans will potentially be taken by Mamut over to their products in the next few months. Generally they will then be sold a compulsory support contract that they do not want. MYOB users will not even be able to compare prices with the Apple Store.
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  • 07 Oct 2011 12:50 PM | Deleted user
    AccountEdge is available from Apple and I know it's normally on the shelves in the London area stores at least. If for some reason it doesn't show-up online the best thing to do is contact the business team at your local Apple store. If you still have problems then please contact me directly- j.white@boscown.com
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  • 18 Oct 2011 6:07 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Unfortunately a search of the Apple Store online at http://store.apple.com/uk/ still produces a depressing result:
    Your Apple Store search request had no matches.

    Mamut really need to get this sorted if they intend to sell their products!

    However there are some boxes available privately. Anyone wishing to buy the software (free of annual service contract), can apply to info@simpleaccounting.co.uk. Price £200 incl delivery.
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  • 25 Mar 2012 5:22 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    The shortage at Apple Store appears to have been addressed. You can now buy the software at http://store.apple.com/uk/product/H1393B/B/mamut-accountedge. It also appears that there is no compulsory management/service charge.

    However there is periodic reconfirmation of the datafiles. Digital Rights Management is still part of the software. Therefore there is an intrinsic vulnerability that means that this option is less secure even than the version 13-18 MYOB programs. There is no way of the MYOBUsergroup calculating alternative confirmation codes for you.

    The licence terms are also weaker. For an analysis of these please see the page 'Your licence' on the MYOBUsergroup.co.uk website.
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