Australian Media has started to ask questions

09 Oct 2011 6:38 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
We have had an approach from a journalist of the Australian online media.  I enclose a few cuttings from the reply I sent:

'We have made an arrangement with a software developer to write us a program which issues confirmation codes in place of the system which MYOB Pty Ltd (the Australian parent) is turning off.  '

'Most of our members have been using the product for many years without an upgrade .....  Contrary to what Mamut imply the world of accounting moves very slowly.  It is very difficult to imagine any changes which will prevent the use of this excellent software by small businesses for at least a decade.  It is likely that as an association we can adapt our way around any future legislative changes.  A quarter of our membership are past professional partners of MYOB UK and have tons of expertise. '

'Have Mamut and MYOB breached your licence terms?' 

'In our view they have.  MYOB and Mamut believe that they have some justification to force us to cease using the software that was bought and paid for.  Mamut argue that they want users to transfer to their new alternative software.  Our view is that they have no right to turn off our software. It was not rented.  It was bought outright and the licence confirms this. '

'This is a cynical exercise to get users to upgrade to very expensive software that they do not need, and which is very difficult to use.'

'MYOB Pty are obliged to confirm the datafiles.  That they have decided not to do so any more is a clear breach of terms, which we are seeking to remedy by a voluntary association. '

'It is outrageous that a company like MYOB with a supposedly high ethical standard should collude in this cynical nonsense.  Australians should be worried - your software has the same 'Digital Rights Management' that allows MYOB centrally to turn off versions that they no longer approve of you using.  Using the argument that they need to 'sunset' software they can make your datafiles also turn to read only, thereby making them unuseable.'
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