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  • 08 Mar 2018 10:36 AM | Mark Hill (Administrator)

    We are preparing to generate confirmation codes for the 2nd quarter of 2018.  If you put your MYOB company file code/s on your user group profile now we will generate your confirmation codes for you this Sunday (11th March).  Remember: it is important that you use you code to confirm your file as soon as possible.  

  • 08 Jan 2018 3:41 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)

    Priority Software Ltd., an Israel-based provider of ERP solutions has acquired Acclivity LLC, developers of AccountEdge accounting software.  Acclivity was formed as the management buyout of MYOB in the US in 2008. Priority has its HQ in Israel with offices in the US, Romania and Oxford!

    Around 45 Acclivity staff have joined Priority US including the founders, Scott Davisson and Tom Nash. The latter will both stay in the larger organisation in the role of MDs according to Davisson.

    There is definitely a future for AccountEdge which will please existing customers. The product will continue to exist as a business unit under Priority US and the roadmap is being worked on. Priority will bring a depth of experience, especially in cloud that should help them develop a cloud solution.

    In the UK and Ireland, AccountEdge is exclusively distributed by Mamut Software Ltd, a Visma company, however they only sell a mac based version.  Although that may remain the case in the short term, Priority are likely to take control of that distribution in time.  If so, this will be very good news for UK MYOB Users. In the meantime UK users can buy Acclivity Accountedge (Canada) online directly from Acclivity.

    More Information

  • 18 Nov 2017 12:24 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)

    We are planning another series of training courses in February - focusing on getting the best from MYOB and AccountEdge, this time also looking at the implications of Making Tax Digital.  Cost - about £120 (+ VAT) for a full day including lunch.  We can tailor the course to those coming.  Possible locations include South Downs, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin.  But we can run a course near you if at least seven members can come.  Let us know if you are interested - with possible location/ dates.   

  • 10 Nov 2017 9:56 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)

    We are looking into the options for MYOB and Accountedge users when Making Tax Digital (MTD) comes into force for VAT in April 2019.  At the moment we have come up with five potential routes, and we would welcome your comments on these.
    1. Users could approach their existing accountant to make filings on their behalf.
    2. Mamut could offer a solution. If they don’t, as a commercial software seller, they are likely to face considerable trouble selling the software in the UK.  Simple Accounting would support its clients to transfer to Mamut.  However Mamut would be unlikely to offer a PC software.  This route is not the comprehensive solution that we hope for.
    3. UK users could contract with the online Accountedge subscription.  Simple Accounting would then login to its clients databases and make the filings quarterly for them.
    4. The MYOB User Group could use the current functionality of its website to take downloads of the key VAT report from its members each quarter.  It could then file this on the members behalf each quarter.
    5. The User Group will support clients through our Dropbox file sharing.  We would either enter a copy of your database or get each client to send a report in every quarter. The totals on the report would be uploaded into a VAT return submission software.

  • 03 Mar 2016 8:36 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    We have been aware of an error that sometimes occurs when licencing a new Mac on Accountedge.  The problem can be solved by changing the permissions on the folder within your Mac.

    You can get more details at


  • 27 Sep 2015 5:54 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)

    Latest run of codes has just been finished.  In the four runs for this quarter we calculated codes for a total of 222 firms and bodies from our membership.

  • 16 Jun 2015 10:45 AM | Mark Hill (Administrator)

    So another training course done. That was fun. A full day at Denham Grove talking about Acclivity AccountEdge. We had ten delegates with significantly differing experiences of the program doing a variety of exercises. We learned about published accounts, imported large numbers of transactions, practiced entering simple expenses, You tube guidance on AE, learned about the wider uses of bank register, among other topics. Seven and a half hours constantly talking about the Accountedge program was quite a test, and we are grateful for the support the most experienced trainees gave the least experienced.

    Exerpt from Denham Grove Training (You Tube)

    So well done to all the attenders, a fine effort. We hope that you gained some real confidence with this powerful software.

  • 21 May 2015 6:59 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)

    The first of our training courses this year has been run.  We’ve had eight trainees learning how to run bookkeeping in their Accountedge software using Simple Accounting techniques.  We practiced the Bank register, sales invoices, running reports, budgeting, and how to enter sales invoices.  We watched training videos and went through the tax exemptions on key expenses.

    Videos will be posted on the Simple Accounting Ltd You tube channel shortly. 

    A pleasant morning in the Hebden Bridge Town Hall.  Feedback included: 

    ‘Thank you for putting on today's introduction to the new software. It was very helpful to experience the software hands on, and I'm pleased that I now have a sensible upgrade path available. By the way, your course was too cheap!’

    ‘Good session today, thank you for including me…’

    If you want a place on our course in Uxbridge, in London, next week, there are still places.  But you will have to email us immediately.

  • 06 Apr 2014 6:28 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Another run of codes has just been finished.  In the four runs for this quarter we calculated codes for over 166 of our 235 members.  The 166 members using our calculated confirmation codes service represent 267 firms and bodies of all sizes and roles.

    We represent members in the following array of countries: Ireland , Malta , France , South Africa , Zambia , Tanzania , and Cyprus.

    A minimum of 28 existing and former members have converted to the permanent MYOB-style licences available through Acclivity Accountedge.  Would you like to join them?  If so contact one of our team of professional partners now and they will guide you how to upgrade your MYOB datafile!
  • 19 Feb 2014 9:54 AM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Phew, that was a bit of a marathon!  28 delegates have had the chance to experiment with the latest MYOB variant available from the Canadian franchise - Acclivity.  We tested out revolutionary functions like bank statement import, and learned about new features like document attachments and AccountEdge mobile.  We also revised existing functions such as sales reporting, reconciliation to the last formal accounts and clever use of the bank register function.

    Call us to see what you've missed, and how you can benefit from the latest functions and facilities.
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