Links to other Forums

This is a links page to other independent MYOB user groups in Britain and internationally.

We recommend:

The UK/Eire based forum for this usergroup

UK Businessforums
There is an immense discussion as part of this site, between disgruntled MYOB users in UK and Eire, about the issue of licence reconfirmation/Digital Rights Management

Advanced discussion board provided by key Australian consultants

Other Forums:

Your Myob .com
This is a discussion list for MYOB users in NZ and Australia.  Recently restarted after a collapse caused by excessive spam.

Formerly the main UK forum which was closed due to excessive spam.  Now reopened.... but all the past information has been removed.  So not much use any longer.

Official Australian forum.  Visible in the UK.

Official USA/Canada Acclivity forum.  Not viewable from the UK as it has an IP filter which forwards you back to the UK/ Mamut

MacWorld forums
Forum for mac users

Contains an Unofficial Mac / Mamut forum.  Only available to Linked In members.
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