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 Making Tax Digital How it will affect you
  November 2017  
Last chance to have your say about the consultation
  You may have had salesmen telling you that your business software needs to be MTD compliant.  What does this mean?  Is this a threat to your business as an MYOB/Accountedge user? 

The MTD legislation will not prevent MYOB and Accountedge users from keeping their records in the software they like.  There will not be an approved list of software.  However there will be complications for our users. The regulations allow submissions from a bookkeeping software to a filing software which itself will make the filing to the HMRC.   We are confident that we will have a working solution for for MYOB and Accountedge users.  At the moment we have come up with five potential routes, and we would welcome your comments on these.

1. Users could approach their existing accountant to make filings on their behalf.
2. Mamut could offer a solution. If they don’t, as a commercial software seller, they are likely to face considerable trouble selling the software in the UK.  Simple Accounting would support its clients to transfer to Mamut.  However Mamut would be unlikely to offer a PC software.  This route is not the comprehensive solution that we hope for.
3. UK users could contract with the online Accountedge subscription.  Simple Accounting would then login to its clients databases and make the filings quarterly for them.
4. The MYOB User Group could use the current functionality of its website to take downloads of the key VAT report from its members each quarter.  It could then file this on the members behalf each quarter.
5. The User Group will support clients through our Dropbox file sharing.  We would either enter a copy of your database or get each client to send a report in every quarter. The totals on the report would be uploaded into a VAT return submission software. 

This will be a pain for all of us. Accountants generally oppose the MTD program because it will create lots of red tape.  It will waste your time and ours.  The latest HMRC plan is to remove the HMRC government gateway portal VAT return webpage that clients and accountants use to submit VAT returns.  Instead of maintaining a system that works well the HMRC is demanding that we use software to submit the return electronically. 

But it is very complex to submit an accurate VAT return direct from bookkeeping software.  Complications include flat rate scheme, bad debt relief, partial exemption, reverse charge, place of supply differences, EC sales list, back claims, unusual vat rates, mixed supply, agency vat, error correction, VAT on stock imports and duty, etc.  These make it impossible to fully underpin a VAT return from bookkeeping software without manual amendment.

It would be better if the HMRC would simply relax their intention to shut down the VAT return webpage.  There is a consultation paper issued by the HMRC on which they are taking comments at present. 

Have your say now!
The consultation is running until tomorrow. So I suggest that you write to your MP now at
and email the HMRC at
before 10th November 2017

You can get a model letter to base your reply from the Simple Accounting Website.
As usual, you are very welcome to phone with any queries about MYOB and Acclivity Accountedge (Canadian MYOB).  Ring us on 01422 847500, or email info@myobusergroup.co.uk        

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