Welcome to the UK/Irish MYOB User Group! 

For thirteen years this group has offered independent support for all versions of Accountedge and MYOB, reconfirmation codes for MYOB UK versions 13 - 18 and advice and a conversion service for alternative Accountedge software versions.

'The best £35 I ever spent!' (current member)


The main benefits of joining the group are:

  •     Advice on alternatives to MYOB
  •     Help with upgrades to Canadian MYOB (Acclivity AccountEdge)    
  •     Protecting your use of Accountedge with a datafile repair service. 
  •     Telephone and Email Support
  •     Representation
  •     Access to MYOB user forums

Full Membership costs £70 per year (it was only £35pa until 2023). This £70 pays for support and guidance for members and for the hosting of this website.  It provides continued use for software that is now over fourteen years old.

We are continuing to offer confirmation codes to allow continued use of MYOB for licence holders - however our intention is to convert people to lasting solutions.  This higher fee pays for development of the confirmation code program and quarterly support for the remaining MYOB users.

Advisory Membership costs £35 per year.  This less involved support pays for phone support only.  . 

Professional partner membership is available for £70 per year.  We make further occasional charges for file repairs or file conversions.

Feedback from a Member

'May I take this opportunity of saying I have really appreciated the way you rescued the MYOB community from the disastrous situation a few years ago and I have also really appreciated the extremely helpful information you have put online to help MYOB devotees find a suitable replacement. (I am thinking of the pages on your Simple Accounting website and especially the new MYOB Alternatives site). Thank you for everything you have done for us.'

Giles Taylor - Roland Cowan Architects

Why we formed the MYOB User Group

Do you remember the words 'MYOB won't ever charge a fee for the process of validating your company file. To do so would go against our company values and damage our good reputation' ?  MYOB Pty said that a long time ago (source available from Members Only pages).  That was before they decided to sell the UK distributorship and allow a new distributor to charge for reconfirmations.

MYOB told its UK/Irish users that it would stop reconfirming
datafiles for users of MYOB version 13 to 18 in December 2011.  We believe that by doing this it broke its licence agreement with users.  Mamut asa bought the distribution rights in the UK from MYOB subject to a commercial agreement that no MYOB user has a right to see.  Mamut's sales practices indicate that they consider they have the right to pressure users to transfer to new software that they do not need.  Mamut demand MYOB users pay a rental for software that they already have an outright ownership of.

Although there are alternatives to MYOB, for many small-scale users the most straightforward option would be to carry on using their existing software. This is software that they have bought outright, and have a perfect right to use. 

We have therefore set up a system that allows us to generate reconfirmation codes so they can do just that.  We also want
users to feel supported.  Therefore we have created somewhere to discuss problems with their MYOB bookkeeping as Mamut withdraws its UK helpdesk support for MYOB products.  This is why we have set up the MYOB User Group to help users. 

Since the usergroup was formed the threats have started to die down. However many users remain ignorant of their rights.  MYOB in Australia have paused their decision to remove online confirmation code checking.  However the system has become quite error-prone.  On occasion the interaction completely locks datafiles.  While we continue to issue confirmation codes to those that request them we are positively encouraging our members to convert to something more stable.

The User Group is an incorporated Association, 'MYOB Users Ltd'. It is funded entirely by licenced MYOB users through an annual membership fee.  We aim to hold the British MYOB community together.  The association is large enough (nearly 100 members and over 200 firms) to be self-funding. We aim to demonstrate some integrity that has been missing so far.

Options for conversion are given under 'Forums' above.

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Features of this group
The User group provides you with Members Only Content elsewhere on this site. This includes:
Your fee is also supporting:
  • Collective lobbying and representation with MYOB and Mamut
  • A collective helpline - 01422-847500
  • Linking the MYOB software to other business support software... internal payroll, CRM, budgeting, reporting, holiday rental, etc
  • Gathering other MYOB users in support of a comprehensive solution
  • Forum with advice and support
  • Blog
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