Reconfirmation Codes

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  • 09 Sep 2011 1:35 AM
    Message # 694862
    Mark Hill (Administrator)
    It is probably as well for you to be clear about what you are allowed to do with your program.  You can check this from your initial MYOB userguide and paperwork.  Perhaps the key words are as follows:

    MYOB Technology Pty Ltd (the publisher), through its local publishers and distribution agents, hereby grants to you, the original purchaser, a paid up, personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable Licence to use the software and the User Documentation only in the region, territory or country specified on the packaging, or in the United Kingdom and Eire, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement

    There are no conditions or time limits.  The misuse of Digital Rights Management facilities in the software has allowed MYOB to potentially breach its side of this agreement.  Nowhere else in the licence is there any agreement or escape for the publisher to withdraw the licence, or render the software unuseable to the buyer.

    Clearly the licence is issued by the Australian legal entity, through its selling agents (ie. Mamut).  They claim that with the withdrawal of MYOB from the UK market there is no alternative but for the existing users to move to another program. However there is another answer - join the Association and accept our confirmation codes to allow you to continue.
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  • 24 Sep 2011 1:20 AM
    Reply # 707223 on 694862
    Mark Hill (Administrator)

    What is ‘file reconfirmation’

    From version 13 (2004 and onwards), the MYOB datafiles have been subject to file reconfirmations. This means the program establishes a connection to the MYOB Pty server in

    Australia .  This logs the serial number in order to get a reconfirmation code. If this is not done the file will cease to accept amendments.  Until recently there was a commitment to provide this reconfirmation service for free, as is required under the user licence.  It is this reconfirmation that is being ended for PC customers from 31 Dec 2011.

    If the reconfirmation process is unsuccessful then the datafile will become read-only.  Avoiding this is the purpose of the reconfirmation process that we go through in the forum if you are a member.

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  • 29 Sep 2011 5:35 PM
    Reply # 711766 on 694862
    Mark Hill (Administrator)
    How the MYOB User group uses the Reconfirmation process.  (These are given in summary - detailed instructions are made available when you join.)

    The basic procedure is simple.  In MYOB look into your database licence under 'Setup / Company Information / Licence'.  Note the serial number and the Company File Code. 

    When you become a member you add the serial number in your profile datafield and other details below it.  You then email, post or upload the Administrator evidence of your licence.  When we have admitted you return to this usergroup website.  Look for the confirmation code we have entered in your profile.  Enter that into your company file.  Then you should end up with the company file confirmed until the end of the next three month period. 

    The key is to realise the process takes a few days from joining - so join in good time.

    Regular Reconfirmations

    From then on the reconfirmations will be processed on 1st Jan, 1st April 1st  July and 1st  Oct.  You will need to update the field in your profile to give us your latest Company File Code.  Make sure that you keep your serial number and company file codes are kept up to date in the membership database.  Then we will post a new confirmation code into your profile in the member database each quarter. 
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  • 07 Oct 2011 12:36 PM
    Reply # 717140 on 694862
    Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Who is responsible for MYOB stopping?

    Most users who have been following this debate know that Mamut blames MYOB Pty Australia for this debacle.  However most users will not be aware that MYOB in Australia actually blame Mamut!

    The MYOB Australia site that effectively points the finger at Mamut reads:
    "MYOB no longer develops software for UK businesses and is unable to offer support to former MYOB clients based in the UK under the terms of its purchase agreement with Mamut.
    As Mamut have previously advised they have decided to 'sunset' the MYOB UK software* effective at 31 Dec 2011."
    If you enter www.myob.co.uk in your browser you will be redirected to the page on the MYOB site:

  • 29 May 2012 1:58 PM
    Reply # 934392 on 694862
    Deleted user

    Hi Mark,

    I have just been asked to reconfirm my data file. In order to access my data I clicked the box to say I will do that within 14 days. I note that the 3rd quarter confirmation is not due until the 1st of July. It seems that I will have to reconfirm by the 12th June. Can you advise please.

    Best regards.


    Martin Bowden

  • 07 Jun 2012 10:24 AM
    Reply # 952433 on 694862
    Deleted user
    Yes, I'm in a similar situation. I've 14 days from today,  so will need codes by 21st June. Of course it's no crisis, I could hang on until 1st July. But just letting you know. Maybe Mamut are playing silly buggers?
  • 07 Jun 2012 3:46 PM
    Reply # 952874 on 694862
    Deleted user

    We too received a request this week with only 7 days.


    Steve Heslop


    Culimeta-saveguard Limited

  • 11 Jun 2012 10:14 PM
    Reply # 961564 on 694862
    Mark Hill (Administrator)
    If you both reply to the emails that are sent out in themorning, repost your details promptly, and then input the new confirmation codes we create, there should be no problem.
  • 12 Jun 2012 8:25 AM
    Reply # 962432 on 694862
    Deleted user
    Received the latest re renewal of MYOB.  I m very tight for time. Going away from 18th June to 6th July.
    I need to reconfirm asap therefore as I may miss your generated code number and get cut off.
    Thanks for a 'quick turnaround'.
  • 13 Jun 2012 2:30 PM
    Reply # 965270 on 694862
    Mark Hill (Administrator)

    The first set of confirmation codes in this round have been issued including for you.


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