This blog is a simple list of progress made at the association, key decisions taken, and developments.  This association is intended to create a lobby for the resumption of proper distribution of MYOB-related software in the UK and Eire.  We will make available all news that we can - as it occurs.  If you would like to give us a tip please email us at: info@myobusergroup.co.uk

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  • 26 Jan 2014 11:01 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    I'm sorry to say that we have had difficulties with the latest code run.  Since 7th Jan we have been inadvertently been issuing codes with only 14 days notice.  Please submit your co file codes afresh if you have had any problems.  A new run has been completed and another will be run on Saturday 1st Feb.

    Please don't forget the training course being run in the near future.

    Mark Hill
  • 21 Jan 2014 6:12 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Simple Accounting still has a few spaces on our joint training sessions in February. These will be small courses with plenty of hands-on experience and opportunities to ask questions.  Our MYOB/ Acclivity expert Mark Hill will guide you through the advanced features of MYOB and the new developments of Acclivity and Mamut (Mac) AccountEdge along with the difficulties caused by latest operating systems for the PC and the Mac.

    These full-day courses cost just £85* Surrey, or £70* Manchester including a hot buffet lunch.
    -Mon 17th Feb - Horsley Park, Surrey
    -Tues 18th Feb
    - Horsley Park, Surrey 
    -Weds 12th Feb - The Hive, Manchester

    Email Jennifer or ring us on 01422 847500. 
  • 20 Jun 2013 12:28 AM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Apologies to those that failed to get working codes from our initial code runs for this quarter. We have now managed to get the codes calculator working.  Next run this coming weekend.

  • 16 Jan 2013 6:07 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)

    A number of members experienced problems reconfirming their files this quarter. They found that when they tried to use the confirmation codes we had issued to them they did not work – and their company file codes had changed.  We have worked out why.

    The majority of those with problems had confirmed their file promptly as part of the September reconfirmation. Say (for example) this was September 17th. The confirmation codes issued then had a life of 120 days - that gave them an ‘expiry date’ of 15th January. However MYOB issues a warning 14 day count down. This would have appeared on 1st January.  But if the member did not open their file on 1st January, MYOB would give them a 14 day countdown from the day they did open their file. MYOB would then change its expiry date to 14 days from the date the file was opened – and because the expiry date changed – it would also change the company file code.

    So the safest way to avoid this happening is to make sure you reconfirm your datafile promptly every quarter when requested to do so. That way (with a 120 day life) the datafile will never reach the 14 day count down stage which can cause problems.

  • 23 Sep 2012 5:41 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Another run of codes has just been finished.  The final run for the forthcoming quarter will be run in one week's time (Sunday 30th).  We are anticipating calculating codes for over 175 of our 310 members.  The 175 members using our calculated confirmation codes service represent at least 300 firms and bodies of all sizes and roles.

    The codes are to be run for a longer period which should allow all the participants to use their files without disruption to the Christmas break, which is when the next codes will be run.

    We now represent members in the following array of countries: Ireland, Malta, Norway, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, New Zealand Australia, and Cyprus.  Any members that would like to add their codes to the list by the end of next week (ie Friday evening).

  • 25 Jul 2012 9:49 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)

    We're honoured to announce our three hundredth member of this group.  Since we are an association I invited our latest recruit to offer us a quick profile of themselves.  I hope that this example will demonstrate the vigour of those businesses who continue to use this excellent accounting software in spite of the threats from MYOB and Mamut:

    'We are a very small and niche promotional prizing agency based in Brixton in London. Although there are only two people who work in the business (me and one other) we work with some very well known household names, mainly in the film industry. We have helped clients put together very niche promotional holiday prizes as part of the promotions for Shrek, Star Trek and Kung Fu Panda amongst others.  We are very excited to be working on the forthcoming Bourne Legacy film.

    In a previous life I worked for six months as an auditor.  When I set the business up six years ago I was already trained on how to use MYOB so I could do the company's books. I don't have time to learn a new accounting software system and migrate all our information across.

    I am not sure what I would have done if I couldn't get confirmation codes for the business.  I can go on holiday and not have to worry about my files becoming read-only while I am sunbathing!'

    Claire Morton, Alchemy-events.co.uk, 300th member of the MYOB Users Ltd

  • 28 Jun 2012 5:46 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    The final run for the forthcoming quarter will be run in two days time (Saturday 30th).  We are anticipating calculating codes for over 165 of our 292 members.  The 165 members using our calculated confirmation codes service represent at least 290 firms and bodies of all sizes and roles. 

    We are proud to represent members in the following array of countries: Ireland, Malta, Norway, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, New Zealand and Australia.  Any members that would like to add their codes to the list by tomorrow (Friday) evening.
  • 03 May 2012 11:41 PM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    Mamut's West London office is shutting - with it will be lost many of the remaining UK jobs among those selling or supporting MYOB products.  The remaining UK staff working on MYOB's Mamut successors (eg Mamut One and Enterprise for the PC and Mamut Accountedge for the Mac) are now working from Norway or offsite.
    Bryan Richter, the former Country manager for Mamut products, is now working for Thunderhead, a communications management software house.  Sylvia Lazariades, the former Customer Services contact and manager of the Professional Partnership program, has also left.
    The old address of MYOB / Mamut was:
    Mamut is now operating from a new holding office address This is:
    Mamut Software Ltd
    90 long Acre
    Covent Garden
    WC2E 9RZ

    However this is not an office as such.  No staff are there.
      We understand that some of the support functions, particularly for the Mamut AE (Mac) products, will be supplied by the existing UK staff.  However the UK/Eire customer base is being mainly supported now from Oslo. 
    The location where the sales are being administered is perhaps the most important implication.  Extra licences for older MYOB cannot be sold by the MYOB Usergroup.  The MYOB server in Australia is still available to Mamut staff.  They can therefore either extend licences, buy more datafiles and buy more workstations for old MYOB clients.  This is still available through William Ford for the time being.  He can be contacted at the phone number below. 
    The Professional Partner program is also being run from Oslo.  The professional partner webpage is still given at http://www.mamut.com/uk/authorisedpartner/.  However there is also a partner program being run as an adjunct to the MYOB Usergroup.  The relevant site for the association is at http://myobusergroup.co.uk/professionalpartner Members are invited to use these partners in support work.

    William Ford, who is based in Oslo, can be contacted for sales and for the Mamut Professional Partner program on 0800 032 5616

    Members of the usergroup may recall that there was a three year distribution agreement between Mamut and MYOB - William believes that it is still current, but details are sketchy.  If the agreement is still current a PC upgrade could in principle be created by Mamut.  This would be similar to the upgrade to the Acclivity Mac software already offered by Mamut.  However offering this would be a significant change in policy by Mamut.  It could happen if Eilert Hanoa, the CEO of Mamut, were to change his mind. 

    onceiveably he could do this if there is enough of a lobby.  His email is eilerth@mamut.com.
  • 31 Mar 2012 12:26 AM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    The Usergroup is delighted to offer you the chance to use your MYOB software to run contemporary Payroll calculations.  Tax tables supplied by fgh tables have been tested to work on MYOB v 18 programs and UK payrolls.  Other payrolls are available.  There are many other softwares besides, that will link MYOB and its UK variants to the web, report writing, online bank accounts and much else besides.  The briefing can be found at:
    Linked Softwares to MYOB, Acclivity and Mamut AE

    This now means that the service which used to be provided by MYOB in the UK for version 13 to 18 users is now essentially being provided by the users themselves through their association.  Perhaps not as pretty... but certainly more in line with the licence terms and conditions.
  • 08 Mar 2012 10:55 AM | Mark Hill (Administrator)
    We are now preparing to issue confirmation codes to 261 paid up members.

    Many companies are finding that their programs are locking while on the Automatic confirmation process.  This can be quite alarming and time consuming to rectify.  We therefore advise all MYOB user group members to turn Automatic Confirmation OFF and rely on the group for calculated confirmation codes.

    We have now had the code calculation program upgraded to run confirmation codes more reliably.  We have yet to find a version of the MYOB software that we cannot confirm.
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